St. Edmund's Tuition Policy

Tuition Schedule

Tuition Policy for 2023 - 24

Category 1 Category 2 Category 3
One Child $379.00 $458.00 $534.00
Two Children $697.00 $843.00 $983.00
Three Children $964.00 $1,166.00 $1,360.00


Category 1: St. Edmund’s Parishioner

For purpose of admission to the school, your family is considered to be a member of this parish if you are:

  • A registered parishioner in St. Edmund’s
  • Regularly attend the Parish liturgical celebrations (Mass & Sacraments)
  • Support the Parish by using the Parish Sunday Envelopes

Category 2: Non-Participating parishioners or a member of another parish

  • Authorized by your own pastor to attend this school
  • Baptism Certificate Provided to the school

Category 3: Non-Catholic: Not a member of any Catholic parish

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