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St. Edmunds Newsletter – March 2020

On February 26h we began the season of Lent with Ash Wednesday Mass which was beautifully lead by our Grade 2 class.

Lent, the forty days leading up to Easter in the Christian Calendar, is a time for prayer, penance and works of almsgiving and charity for others.  May this upcoming Holy season of Lent be a time for all of us to reflect on what is good in our lives and invite God to help us put right what is wrong and to remember just how much He loves us. 

Let us take the time to reflect with our children, the true meaning of this season, so that we may focus on the power of Christ in our lives and strengthen our resolution to follow Jesus even more closely.

Celebrating Student Learning

Student Learning Progress Reports Student progress reports will be distributed on March 13th. Please take time to look at your child’s progress report paying close attention to the strengths, growth, areas of improvement and goals identified. Report folders should be signed and returned to school after Spring Break; you may keep the individual report at home. Thank you for attending last month’s Student-Led conferences when your children were able to celebrate their learning with you.

 “R.A.K. it up” with Random Acts of Kindness

The month of February was full of excitement with Catholic Schools Week, Student-Led Conferences, Open House, Valentine’s Day and Pink Shirt Day.  Throughout all these activities the students were challenged to think of ways to show kindness towards their peers, families and visitors to the school

How can we continue this focus with our children?

Reviewing a past blog post entitled 50 Questions to ask

your kids after school instead of “How was your day?”

suggests some questions such as:

  • – How did you show kindness or love today?
  • – Did you tell anyone “Thank you?”
  • – Did everyone have a friend at recess?
  • – Did you help anyone today?

What a wonderful way to begin a conversation with your children and help them see how easy it is to show love and kindness every day. The importance is to make the time to talk to your children regularly and bring in connections to our faith. Children can thank God for a good friend or ask God for help to remember to think about the words they use because they can make a big difference to someone else!


Another great basketball season has concluded with much to be proud of!  Both our girls and boys bantam and junior demonstrated great commitment and improvement in their skills as well as team spirit! Additionally, our senior girls and boys both succeeded to the first round of CISVA playoffs, continuing to show their grit, spunk and Tbird spirit in the final days of the season.  Thank you to all our fans for your support, and a special shout out to our coaches, refs, scorekeepers and parent drivers!


We would like to recognize one of our Grade 7 students, Sophia S. for her participation and silver medal in the U16 -48kg Judo competition at the BC Winter Games.  Congratulations on this great achievement!

Outdoor Education Fieldtrips

Every second year the grades 6 and 7 classes travel by bus to the Cheakamus Centre in Brackendale. The students will be spending 4 days (May 19 – 22) enjoying the outdoors and experiencing a variety of educational activities which are a part of our curricular studies.  We will be having an orientation meeting on Thursday March 12th at 7 pm. Grade 6 & 7 parents and students are required to attend to gain information about the camp.   We are looking forward to this fun and educational program with your children!

With Gratitude

Our grade 6 class had an amazing outdoor experience at Mt. Seymour where they engaged in a “winter survival” session and ended the day with some fun sledding down the slopes.  Thank you to Dr. Eric Brisco for making this fieldtrip possible!