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St. Edmunds Newsletter – April 2020

The past few weeks have been a time of change – change in our world, country, community, school and homes. Despite all these changes and the many challenges that have been presented before us, one thing we must remember is the Lord will continue to strengthen us, give us hope and allow us to be faithful. Together “we can do all things through Christ”.

Although the current circumstances have stopped us from our usual rhythms, Holy Week is not suspended, and the Resurrection of the Lord will come. We may not be able to celebrate publicly but we can still make this week a holy one. We can do the Stations of the Cross alone or with our family at home, pray the Holy Rosary or participate in the online live-streaming of Holy Week and Easter Triduum celebrations offered by the Archdiocese. Our prayers, our sufferings, and our sacrifices, offer us the means of entering into communion with Christ, especially during this time. May the celebration of these great mysteries of our faith be for you and your loved ones a time of reflection, renewal and great joy.

Continuity of Learning: We are in this together

Since the announcement from the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health that in-class learning in the province of BC would be suspended indefinitely due to COVID-19, the school staff has been busy preparing and implementing learning plans for all of our students. I would like to commend all of our teachers and EA’s for their hard work, flexibility and professionalism during this time.

We appreciate that many of us are still trying to balance work, supporting the needs of our families and supporting what learning at home looks like.  Our on-line home learning plan is off to a great start. While it may take some time to get accustomed to, I pray that we also see this time together with family as a precious gift. We look forward to continuing our community of learning throughout the coming weeks. Our relationship with you is very important and we are here to support you.

Your teachers have provided you with several strategies to assist with at home learning.  Here are a few helpful tips to remember (not just for your children, but yourselves as well):

  • Create a learning space: It is important to create a learning environment that allows children to work in a quiet, comfortable area free from distractions. Provide them with the necessary materials (technology, paper, pencils, scissors, glue, etc.) they will need to accomplish their work.
  • Set a schedule & take breaks: Maintaining a schedule throughout the day is key. While the schedule may be flexible, providing routines and times throughout the day is beneficial for learning. It is important for children to take breaks throughout the day, as they need time to move around and be active. Eating healthy snacks throughout the day is equally important.
  • Maintain a positive attitude: Always remember that learning is a process. Greet each day with renewed patience and a positive attitude.
  • Establish technology rules: Please remember to establish rules and guidelines when students use technology. While teachers will review these basic guidelines when meeting with their classes virtually, please ensure your monitor your child’s on-line behaviour as well.
  • Keep a consistent bedtime routine: School aged children need between 9 to 12 hours of sleep every night. Therefore, it is important that children get a good night’s rest in order to function appropriately during the day. Leave enough “technology free” time before bed to allow your child to unwind before lights out. Consider switching off electronics at least an hour before bedtime and keeping screens out of their bedrooms.
  • Remember to have fun!: Plan off-screen activities for the entire family. Between school and work obligations, it’s rare for parents and children to have this much time together, so turn it into an opportunity for bonding. Plan a movie night, play card games or board games like chess, checkers or Scrabble, bake cookies or pray the Rosary together as a family. Make time to have some fun!

Stay Informed

COVID-19 Information