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Principal’s Newsletter – September 2018

Welcome to the 2018/ 2019 school year! On behalf of our wonderful staff, I extend a warm welcome to all new and returning students and their families. A new school year brings with it renewed energy, a sense of optimism and excitement.

This year’s spiritual theme is “What Do You Want of Me, Lord” and throughout the coming months we will be focusing on how we can grow in our relationship with Jesus. Our dedicated staff has been working hard to prepare for an amazing school year. We hope that students and the community at large will put our faith into action in the classroom, on the playground and at home as we look towards recognizing God’s truth, beauty and goodness in our world.

I am excited to be working with you to create valuable educational and life experiences for your children.

As we begin the new school year as a Catholic school community, we pray for the health and safety of all our families and staff.

Student Code of Conduct:

  • Students are expected to arrive punctually, attend regularly, and behave appropriately by:
  • Showing consideration for others: the rights of peers, staff and visitors,
  • Making a sincere, concentrated effort to do well in studies,
  • Wearing the correct uniform at all times,
  • Respecting and complying with school regulations,
  • Participating attentively in all religious observances.

In addition to the above, a pleasant co-operative attitude is expected of each student. This is to be shown both to peers and staff. We believe that the display of good manners reflects our care for others when say “Please” and “Thank you” “Excuse me”, “I’m Sorry”, and other such expressions. Gestures and behaviour should also show proper manners. Consistent courtesy will encourage mutual respect and continue to build a caring community.

School Uniform:

As we begin the school year, it is appropriate to be reminded that the school uniform be worn with pride and with attention to detail:

  • Sweaters should be in good condition. Holes should be repaired or patched, or the sweater should be replaced.
  • Students should wear proper black dress shoes. Boots or black runners are not permitted. Navy blue dress socks should be worn with dress shoes.
  • Hair should not be dyed or coloured in any way. Hair accessories that tie back long hair should be subdued in nature. (Plain black, blue or tartan pattern)
  • Jewelry must be subdued in nature. Only stud earrings are permitted.
  • Nails should be clear and make-up is not to be worn.
  • PE uniform can be purchased from the school. Other uniform pieces are to be purchased at Cambridge Uniforms. Please ensure all uniform pieces are labelled with your child’s name.

Thank you for supporting our uniform policy and keeping our students looking their best.

Thank You and Congratulations:

  • Welcome to Mr. Anthony Coppolino, (Grade 6), Mrs. Frankie Lorezca (Grade 2) and Ms. Maryna Prysyazhnyuk (Music) as well as Miss Christina Grasso, Miss Chante Izzard, Miss Winona Lam and Miss Adrianna Szpak who will be joining our Educational Assistant Learning Support Team. I would also like to welcome Miss Victoria Fraser who will be supporting our Squamish language and culture program.
  • Thank you to Ruben and his maintenance team who did a variety of painting, repairing, installing and moving jobs to help us get ready for the start of the school year.
  • Thank you to our parents who came in Thursday night on over the long weekend to clean up our front garden.
  • I would also like to thank Mrs. DeFreitas and Mrs. Sharp for all their administrative help in these days leading up to our first day back to school.

Safety Update:

  • Over the summer months we’ve been updating our fire safety system as well as having a new PA system installed.  With our new monitoring and communication systems, we are continuing to make student safety a priority. Many thanks to our PEC for their continued support on these projects.

 The “safety first” procedure for dropping off and picking up of students is as follows:

  • The posted speed limit is 30 km/hr during school hours (8:00 am – 5:00 pm).  Please obey all stop signs.
  • The drop off areas are on 6th Street and on Mahon Avenue in front of the school gates.
  • If you need to park your car, please be conscientious of our neighbours.  You may park along the tennis court area on 6th or along the school on 5th Street.
  • Do not double-park as the road becomes blocked and inconveniences other motorists.
    • Please do not honk your horn to attract your child’s attention.  Children will often run into the street without looking for other cars.  For safety, we have parent crossing guards in place to assist at our 3 main intersections.  Please respect and follow their directions.
    • All volunteer positions require a Criminal Record Check. If you have previously applied for a CRC, it is valid for 5 years. If you are unsure or are new to the school and would like to volunteer, please see Mrs. deFreitas in the office.

Thank you for helping making our students’ safety a priority.

Email Communication:

Over the summer Mrs. DeFreitas has collated the emails families listed in the registration forms.  These emails have been organized by grade in order to help communication between the school and parents.  Families can expect to receive school newsletters, announcements, and program information through email.  If your email has changed since March, please notify the office of the change.

Teacher email is for general communication purposes. This form of communication is not a replacement for parent-teacher conferences. The office email can be used for absentee notes or other items relevant to the office staff.  You may contact the office at

Periodically through the year, you may receive important updates through the Remind App. These notifications will come to your smartphone to remind you of upcoming important events.  Please contact the office if you have any questions.

Notices & Forms:

The first week of school is always a time where a large number of forms are sent home and need to be returned to the school.  Please use the checklist below to help keep track of what you will need to return to the school.

  • Back to School BBQ
  • Pizza Order
  • General Walking Permission
  • Comfort Kit Notice
  • Athletics Permission for Grade 3-7
  • Walkathon Forms