Parent Participation Committee

Parents of children who have been admitted to the school are required to participate in one of a number of activities of the school/parish, including various committees, fundraising activities, school assistants and supervision as well as other necessary duties. Parents sign up for a parent participation job as part of their registration package, and can monitor completion of their hours through the website. Any questions regarding the program can be directed to

This parent participation program has two main goals:

  1. To build our school community by having parents work together to provide a program that will enhance the educational lives of our children and our families;
  2. To provide services and reduce the expenses of the school and the Parish.

By employing an effective, genuine Parent Participation Program, St. Edmund’s School will be able to keep the tuition fees at an acceptable level. The current number of hours to fulfill the participation requirement is 20 hours, of which 2 hours are mandatory hours reserved to complete the classroom sponsored events (these events are listed on the Parent’s Association Page). Please see the Parent Participation Manual or Parent Participation Quick Reference for complete details. If you are a returning parent, a more concise guide to the listing of jobs would be the Quick Reference guide.

Families may choose to opt out of the Parent Participation Program by paying a non-participation fee (currently an additional $400 per year). However, we ask that you reconsider. Our goal has always been 100% participation as each parent’s contribution is needed to a successful school community.

Examples of Participation Hours

Work that assists a teacher or staff member such as teacher assistant, library help, school office help, etc.
Student supervision (before or after school)

Work completed during or in preparation of school events such as fundraisers, dances, and walkathon, including picking up supplies for such events. Ongoing maintenance such as lawn mowing, weeding, snow and ice removal etc. all of which must be scheduled with the Principal or Parent Participation Coordinator.

Serving on the Parish Education Committee or Parent Association Committee or on any of the other non-classroom events or activities provided prior approval is given. Participation in any planned work bee that may arise throughout the school year.

We appreciate your support and effort in continuing to make this program a successful one.