Parish Education Committee

The Parish Education Committee is a group of elected or appointed St. Edmund’s parents who work with the Principal and Pastor in the running of the school.

They are responsible for ensuring that Archdiocesan policies are implemented, as well as for setting local policy for St. Edmund’s School. This policy implementation ranges from teacher salaries to building maintenance. Additionally, the committee oversees the school budget, coordinates fundraising efforts, and coordinates needed repair or construction for identified school areas. The Parish Education Committee also plays a vital role in hiring the staff of the school (in consultation with the Principal and the Pastor). The PEC meets monthly, with meeting times and dates posted on the school website. If you would like to attend a meeting then please arrange ahead of time with the chairperson.

There are seven positions in the Parish Education Committee and five members are elected by the parish, and the Pastor appoints two members. The members elect a chairperson, and take on specific positions among themselves. In addition to a chairperson, these roles include a vice-chair, a secretary, a treasurer, two people in charge of fundraising and maintenance, plus a PAC / Class Mom liaison. Each members is up for re-election every two years.

If you are interested in becoming a PEC member, elections for the PEC are held each year in May. A nominating sub-committee is appointed, who then invite and receive nominations from the Parish community. Those eligible to hold office as a member of the PEC are practicing Catholics, approved by the Pastor, who have reached the age of twenty-one (21).

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