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St. Edmunds Newsletter – November 2023

The month of November begins with All Saints’ Day on the 1st followed by All Souls’ Day on the 2nd. It is important for us to pray for the saints and the martyrs who were...

St. Edmunds Newsletter – October 2023

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St. Edmunds Newsletter – September 2023

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St Edmunds June 2023 Newsletter

St. Edmunds Newsletter – June 2023

As we are entering the last month of school, we wish to pause and give thanks for the incredible year it has been!   We are...

St. Edmunds Newsletter – May 2023

During the month of May, we reflect on Our Blessed Mother’s example of faith, courage, perseverance and fortitude.  May God bless all mothers and give...

St. Edmunds Newsletter – April 2023

As Pope Francis says, “Charity, love, is sharing with the one we love in all things. Love makes us similar; it creates equality, it breaks...

St. Edmunds Newsletter – March 2023

Lent, the forty days leading up to Easter in the Christian Calendar, is a time for prayer, penance and works of almsgiving and charity for...
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St. Edmunds Newsletter – February 2023

This month we celebrate our students and Catholic Schools. We are proud that St. Edmund’s provides opportunities for personal excellence in educational academic and extracurricular...

St. Edmunds Newsletter – January 2023

On behalf of the St. Edmund’s staff, I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and a great start to the new year. A new year...

St Edmunds Newsletter – December 2022

Sunday, November 27th marks the beginning of Advent and our preparation for the birth of Christ.  Our community is blessed with diverse talents and gifts...