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Little Flower Inauguration

We are pleased to interview Ericka Costales, who is an altar server for St. Edmund’s parish. Ericka recently attended the special inauguration of the Little Flower Monastery that took place on October 15 with all the Altar Servers from the school. Take a look at the interview questions and answers below to get a feel for Ericka’s experience.

1. Describe the day. What did the Altar Servers do first?

We took a bus to the Little Flower Monastery, we saw some of the priests we knew like Fr. Jerry, Fr. Jason, Fr. Steny, and more. We observed a large group of people from different parishes, I found the monastery to be very exciting because this is where the priests, bishops, deacons, and altar servers would put on their vestments. During the mass, the priest spoke about the inauguration of the monastery and recognize the people who helped build this structure. After the mass, refreshments and beverages were served as people celebrated the inauguration.

2. What did the setting look like? Were there lots of buildings around, or was it more like the country?

Even though The Little Flower Monastery is a small building, one can appreciate the simplicity and solitude of this amazing place. The most beautiful feature of this place is the paving of the road to the monastery and the small rocks that cover the grounds. I also found the farms and trees surrounding the monastery beautiful.

3. What did the monastery look like? Describe the inside and outside.

The Little Flower Monastery is a small building. The place is simple and quiet. There is a chapel where people could pray and rooms where people could stay. The walls are not painted and there are parts that are not finished yet.

4. What was the mass like? How was it different from regular mass?
As this was the inauguration of the little flower monastery, they were a lot of priests and bishops leading the mass for this special occasion. As this was a special event, the mass also had incense. The mass was also two hours in comparison to regular Sunday mass.

5. How did the day make you ‘feel’? How do you think the others felt?
I felt very lucky to be part of this special event and I also got to see former priests of St. Edmund’s parish. I was very happy to be part of this special occasion. I enjoyed serving mass for the day.

6. Will the day make you feel any different about being an altar server?
I felt very joyful to be among many other servers during this inauguration.
Thank you for reading this special post. St. Edmund’s Parish would also like to congratulate the Carmelite order on the inauguration of their Monastery. We would also like to thank Ericka for her wonderful insights (he answers have been slightly altered for this post). Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (see the links below).