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I’ll Miss You St. Ed’s!

In the Spring of 2006 I received a phone call offering me the position of principal at St.Edmund’s School. Although such an opportunity was one I had been eagerly awaiting, I could not have imagined how much this school would change my life. Being a part of this faith community has been a formative influence in my development as an Educator, a Catholic, and a Parent. However, I always knew there would come a time when the school would benefit from a different perspective than mine. I believe that the school is at an excellent place, with an outstanding staff and a supportive parent community. These circumstances make it an ideal time for a transition in leadership. For that reason, I have decided not to return in September as principal. I wish everyone in the St. Edmund’s community the very best, and I hope to maintain the friendships I have made in my time here. The last 10 years have been the most professionally rewarding of my life, and my St. Edmund’s experiences will stay with me forever.

I am thrilled that the hiring committee has selected Diana Silva to be the next principal of St. Edmund’s. She has so many strengths that she brings to the job that the school can only benefit. I am confident enough in the future of the school that I intend to send my own daughters here when they enter Kindergarten. So, don’t be surprised if you see me again in a different role in a year or two. It’s funny when parents come up to me and say what an influence I’ve had on St. Edmund’s, because I actually feel I’ve been a lot more influenced by the community than I have influenced it. The St. Edmund’s T-bird is in my DNA. The biggest thing I will miss is your children – their sincerity, their humor, and their hearts.  I want to thank you for your children, your contributions, and your trust. .