Emergency Preparedness Committee

Over the years, St. Edmund’s School has worked to prepare for a possible emergency, such as an earthquake. The staff have developed emergency response procedures including designation of staff for response functions, regular first aid training of staff, school-wide emergency response and evacuation drills, preparation of student identification cards, assembling of class comfort kits and first response materials, procedures for the safe release of students after a major emergency, and provisions for care and shelter for those who must remain on site.

Forms for student ID and emergency release are updated each fall, but can be downloaded from the links below or obtained from the school office. It is vitally important that these forms are completed and returned to the school. Please ensure that the school office has a copy on file. In addition, if there have been any changes to your emergency information, please submit an updated copy.

An Emergency Planning Committee consisting of parent volunteers and a staff liaison has been in operation for a number of years. This committee meets three or four times a year for planning purposes and organizes work bees to purchase, prepare, inventory, store and restock emergency response resources as per plans. All parents are invited to join this committee, either as standing members or as auxiliary members to help at planned work bees. Please contact the school office if you wish to be involved.