All parents want to maximize their child's achievement, and the best possible academic preparation is key to accomplishing this goal. We are committed to supporting your child in reaching their potential. High expectations are coupled with unconditional support, in recognition of the worth of each child. We monitor these high standards by soliciting feedback from our local high school (St. Thomas Aquinas), reflecting on our FSA results, and examining our own instructional data.



If you ask our parents and staff what sets St. Edmund's Elementary apart, the most mentioned word will be community. The basis of this community is our faith. Although we have both Catholics and non-Catholics in our school, all are committed to the philosophy of the school and parish. While our families come from different places theologically, everyone understands how our ethical framework supports students in reaching a high moral standard and in creating a nurturing place for children to thrive.



While the pillars of being a 'Good Catholic School' are both 'Good School' (academics) and 'Good Catholic' (faith community), the key to an education engaging to children is a well-rounded school experience. At St. Edmund's, we offer many different programs that extend beyond the curriculum in the areas of athletics, arts, and leadership. The result is our students’ graduate having many different experiences, strong relationships with their peers, and confidence in their abilities.


I enjoyed learning from all the teachers at St. Edmund’s. They all had a charismatic approach to our education. The culture of the school was very inviting and supportive. St. Edmund’s has taught me to carry strong values.

Glen Hombrebeuno

My time at St. Edmund's taught me the values of community involvement, hard work, and discipline. We were given many opportunities as students to get involved in the community and to grow connections and friendships for life.

Ola Karpik


At St. Edmund’s Elementary, we want to ensure that your child’s school experience is a happy one. We will be diligent in creating a Christ-centred environment that stimulates personal development, stresses academic achievement, and offers students a well-rounded extra-curricular program. We are committed to excellence in Catholicity and in all areas that promote the development of the whole child to his or her full potential.


Think our school would be a good fit for your son or daughter? Please refer to steps below:

1) Complete the online application form. This completed form is automatically submitted to our office, where we use your contact information to follow-up with you. Of course, you are welcome to call or email if you would like more information. You can also book a school tour by calling our school office.

2) We will contact you for further documentation to complete your application file. If there is currently no space in the particular grade you are applying to, we will contact you to see if you would like to be placed on our wait list.

3) Once your family's application file is complete, we will contact you again to arrange a family meeting. At this meeting, the school principal will talk about the philosophy of the school, and the school secretary will go through the logistics of registration. Of course, the parents (and the student) will have a chance to ask any remaining questions they have. You will also be provided with the full application package.

4) Complete and return the full application package, along with the tuition deposit cheques. At that point, your child has secured a position at our school.


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