St. Edmund's Admission Policy

Priorities of Admission

The Admission Policy of St. Edmund’s is based on the school’s Catholic mission, along with a philosophy of inclusiveness. Applications for enrollment will be given preference in the following order.

  • Children presently enrolled at St. Edmund’s provided they and their families meet the school’s expectations. Siblings of children already attending St. Edmund’s also receive top priority.
  • Children whose parents are practicing Catholics and active in St. Edmund’s parish. For purpose of this policy, “practicing Catholics” means individuals who are registered in a parish and attend Sunday Mass regularly; active in parish refers to individuals who support the parish by regularly using Sunday envelopes.
  • Children whose parents are practicing Catholics active in other parishes.
  • Non-Catholics.

Please note that while some grades are full, some grades do have vacancies. Even if you are not Catholic, but are interested in the school, we encourage you to contact us.

Discovery Preschool

The majority of students at the Discovery Preschool go on to the big school St. Edmund’s Elementary. The Discovery Preschool is located at 324 West 5th Street (directly across from the playground from the Elementary School). The preschool program has both morning and afternoon classes. The program on Tuesday and Thursday is mainly designated for three-year-olds, while the program for four-year-old children is on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. For an application or more information, please phone 604-988-3141. Parents can apply to receive a subsidy from the Ministry of Social Services for either of the programs.